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Yesterday I was part of a discussion on the Policy for Startups in Karnataka. Despite being part of a startup for the last 5 years, this was my first interaction on this, thanks to my interaction with Rajeev K from NASSCOM. This connection came through a connect and the 10000 startups website (https://10000startups.com/).

Lesson: There are ways to reach out to government support — however, the initiative is yours. Once you are part of the eco-system, you will be updated thru emails and the like. …

Myth: Organizations with deep pockets can adopt Talent Assessment as a standard practice.

Reality : Now , every organization can access this practice at fairly reasonable rates and for fairly small teams. In this article, we explore this Talent Management Revolution (HR 4.0).

Talent assessment is a very old practice which started centuries earlier in the Imperial court of China. The British saw this practice and carried it for the Civil Services and slowly, it became a practice for nearly all government jobs across the world. In the last few decades this practice has been adopted in various degrees by…

COVID has brought Empathy in Managers and Leaders into the limelight. To quote from Forbes: “Empathy acts as a glue between relations. A leader shares a very strong bond with his followers (employees) and like any other relationship, the relationship between a leader and followers also requires empathy.

Researchers found that when the top management doesn’t show empathy, the lower and middle management exhibit less loyalty to the company and are less interested in their work.”

How to become Empathetic?

Be encouraging. Always encourage your team to do their best and never lose confidence in them.

Be a…

Businesses have website, apps and sensors which create BigData and storing this ever-growing data is a critical decision. The IT infrastructure needs to be able to keep pace with this change without any dip in digital performance.

The upgrade of storge facilities is a costly affair and technology is becoming a bottomless pit. There is also no option of remaining with obsolete technology like legacy disk based storage systems since these systems do not support the latest frontend technology systems . …

A data scientist is a professional who is able to analyse data sources, clean and process the data, understand why and how such data has been generated, take insights from it, and make changes such that they profit the organization. These days, everything revolves around data.

1. Data Cleaning: It deals with gathering the data and structuring it so that it becomes easy to pass this data as input to any machine learning algorithm. This way, redundant, irrelevant data and noise can also be eliminated.

2. Data Analysis: This deals with understanding more about the data, why the data has…

Note: Read the HBR article “Reengineering the Recruitment Process”

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended many traditional business practices. When it comes to recruiting, the crisis has not so much disrupted as accelerated shifts in the talent landscape that were already under way, leaving many companies poorly served by their current hiring practices. In a period of steep unemployment, it might seem that companies looking to add workers would be in the driver’s seat. …

The “hire & fire” approach provides huge flexibility for the company in terms of being able to react quickly to market changes. From the organizational perspective, this is an advantageous position to be in as it follows the principle of supply and demand with regards to the employment process. It can be very cost effective.

This approach also increases staff turnover rates enormously. The turnover can lead to difficulties in managing your knowledge transfer as people leave and take their experience and insider information with them to potential competitors.

By following a fast-hiring policy, your organization can constantly look for…

Procurement of Goods and Services has always been a critical and often, inefficient, process for government departments. One of the most common problem is lack of transparency. There are always doubts around nepotism and bribes. COVID — 19 has further played havoc with frequent lockdowns. In this era of digitization, can the Government procurement processes be made efficient and smart?

There are 2 main components to consider:

1. Digitization enablement:

1)New technology to make process digital and ready for ‘work from anywhere.’

2) New process with the New technology in the heart of it

3) Real-time Analytics: to guide the…

Data Lake serves a similar function to a Data Warehouse. The main difference is that in the Data Lake, big data and unstructured data can be stored in the original form. When required, these data can be referenced for analytics purpose. Thus, the data in the Data Lake can be in any format and often, is unstructured images, text, pdf, videos and audio files. This makes them very agile. Data Lakes follow schema-on-read — where any new data will be stored in any format but when the data has to be used, the schema will need to be defined …

The HBR article “The Pandemic Is Widening a Corporate Productivity Gap” shows that the pandemic has widened the gap between top performing companies and other companies . Do you agree ?

How productive have companies actually been during the pandemic relative to where they were before Covid-19?

The short answer: It depends on the company. Some have remained remarkably productive during the Covid-era, capitalizing on the latest technology to collaborate effectively and efficiently. Most, however, are less productive now than they were 12 months ago.

Three factors best explain the relative productivity of large organizations:

· The time each employee…

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Author, Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist at Pexitics

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